Providing Localized Content to Your Customers

ShopLocal_BagCU_STKSocial media has taught us that it is now easier than ever to please customers all over the world. This is, of course, a great way to get more customers and has the potential to drastically increase your profits.

Still, there is something to be said about pleasing customers that live in your area before anyone else. For small businesses, this can be crucial; having local support to test out your business legs can be a great way to get your foot in the foot of your chosen industry.

Even after you have established yourself within your community and have branched out to conquering new customers via social media, there are still plenty of ways to provide local content to customers that live in your region.

Here are a few ways to optimize your local content.

  • Learn how to geo-target your offers, blog posts, and other online content. This allows you to offer specials that are available to people only in specific locations. It also saves potential customers from other areas from getting frustrated when they fund after the fact that an offer they have seen is not available in their area.
  • Come up with promotions that are centered on walk-in specials. Make it clear that you still want people coming in through your doors and those that do are treated like royalty.
  • Rely on localized media such as the local paper (both print and online) and any kind of online bulletin boards. Place offers in these locations and make sure the copy clearly states that the offer is only good for people in your city of geographic area.
  • Work with local publications such as community magazines to organize interviews or simple ads. Again, make these ads very specifically aimed at people that live in your area.

Of course, in doing this you don’t want to lose sight of your online efforts. Find a balance between the two so that your business can cater to all of your audience rather than just a small segment. Localized content should keep your local customers happy, allowing you to keep driving towards online success as well.

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