More Twitter Accounts for Small Business Owners to Follow

twitter_birdIf you’re I charge of a new business, an important part of your role is to keep up with developing trends. It’s also a good idea to keep tabs on fellow entrepreneurs that have become successful.

Luckily, social media makes this easier than ever. Twitter in particular is a great resource for staying informed in all of these areas. Experts in many fields often share links, tips, and other info that any small business owner should be studying up on.

Here’s a list of some of the most influential Twitter accounts to help small business owners.

Entrepreneur Magazine / @EntMagazine: Any small business owner—or even those just thinking about starting a small business—need to follow this one for a daily dose of info geared specifically towards small business owners.

Mashable / @mashable: This is a great account to follow to keep an eye on things like technological advances, social media, and developing new stories. This is one of the fastest growing Twitter accounts for small business over the last year or so.

Huffington Post Small Business Page / @HuffPostSmBiz: Direct from the internet-only newspaper, this account is a feed for the content that is posted on the site’s small business page.

SmallBizTechnology / @ramonray: This one is all about keeping you up to date on the latest technology that can help you as a small business owner, from social media cues to smart phone applications.

New York Times Small Business / @NYTSmallBiz: This account provides news direct from the NY Times on topics dealing with a wide range of material pertaining to small business.

Small Business Trends / @smallbiztrends: This one is exactly what it says, offering up information from the small business-oriented website

Of course, with Twitter there are countless other accounts you could follow. If your business deals in a niche product, it would help to follow leaders in that subject matter area. It’s also a good idea to follow local news stations to catch breaking news about business developments and news in your local area.


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