Mobile Marketing at Work: Car Dealerships

carcode-qr-scanJust like restaurants, car dealerships have also found some creative ways to utilize mobile marketing into their daily tasks. It’s more than just about improving sales figures, but it also comes down to providing a better customer experience and enhancing brand recognition.

The great thing about mobile marketing within the auto industry is that it allows smaller dealerships to compete directly with larger ones. This sort of competition is great for consumers, as it keeps the industry highly competitive.

So how exactly are dealerships using mobile marketing to their advantage?

  • Mobile content is more likely to bring new customers to their lot, as opposed to a plain website that can only be accessed from a home computer. Mobile marketing comes in handy when customers are out searching for a car. Mobile marketing gives them a direct link to the best dealers to meet their needs.
  • Mobile marketing surveys indicate that car dealerships are one of the most likely industries to benefit from mobile marketing; the average age of mobile internet users tend to be 35 or slightly above. This also lines up perfectly with the average age of most new car buyers.
  • Similar to what a few other industries are doing, car dealerships are using check-in technology for consumers that visit their lot. This creates a word-of-mouth advertising on social media that can be invaluable in the auto industry.
  • While coupons are much less frequently seen at car dealerships, mobile coupons can still be used to some extent. For customer birthdays or other special events, the dealerships can instantly send customers various special offers such as discounted maintenance, free tire rotations, etc.
  • QR code technology in the windows or displays of new vehicles can give consumers more information than ever about the vehicle that may not fit on the traditional sales information tags. This could include consumer reviews or even videos of the vehicle in action.

Mobile marketing is helping business get their information to consumers faster than before. It is also helping consumers get great deals and to make more informed decisions. What are some other mobile marketing tactics you have seen recently when it comes to car dealerships?

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