Is Anyone Out There? Top 5 Ways To Promote A Facebook Campaign

Just because you build, doesn’t mean fans will flock to your page. In fact, even after you gain fans, it doesn’t mean they’ll come back to your Facebook page. Most people who “Like” a page never revisit a second time unless there is a good reason. This is why you must not only promote the page itself, but any promotions you run.

Email Newsletter

Many sites already have an email newsletter. This may be an email sent out to subscribers each day, week or month with regular content or a special offers email. Either way, people have subscribed to the newsletter in order to keep up on current events and offers. Advertise your Facebook page in every issue, especially if you have a special promotion going on.

Banner On Website

In most cases, when someone searches for your business through a general search engine, your website appears before your Facebook business page. Place some type of banner on your website’s home page to promote your Facebook page. Fans can then visit your page for the latest updates while they’re interacting with friends on Facebook.

Other Social Channels

Leverage the power of any other social channels you use. ReadyBuzz helps you create a multi-channel social media solution. Promote Facebook campaigns on other channels, such as Twitter. These channels can lead back to Facebook for contests, discounts or product release news.

Shareable Offer

Make your campaign shareable. For instance, if you have a contest to win your latest product or service, offer entrants a chance at additional entries for every person they refer. Discounts, freebies and contest prizes are all shareable offers. Provide a way for fans to share and they will let all their friends know about your campaign.

Facebook Ads

Believe it or not, people do notice the ads on Facebook. The ads display to users based upon their interests and activities and their friends’ interests and activities. Take advantage of Facebook ads to list your latest promotion. Even a small amount of fans can lead to a successful promotion if each fan has the average 100-200 friends.

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