How to Make Sure People Are “Sharing” Your Brand

chairSo your website is polished and looking sweet. Your blog is packed with Grade-A info that everyone within your target audience wants to know. And you’re even running a few specials that should be filling up your inbox and sending people barreling through your doors.

But nothing has changed. Looking at your business, all the parts are there, but the word doesn’t seem to be spreading. So how can you make sure people are out there sharing news and information about your brand?

Here are some easy tips to help you get started.

  • Start with the no-brainers. If you aren’t on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, go remedy that now. Also, if your company is in any way related to arts or decorating, you may want to get a Twitter account, too.
  • Speaking of social media, keep social media etiquette in mind. Share links and information that others are sharing and you will likely receive the same treatment.
  • Create an opt-in business newsletter than people that visit your website can easily sign up for. Make this more enticing by offering special discounts to your newsletter subscribers.
  • Start participating in the comments section of popular blogs within your industry. This gets your name in front of many other like-minded people that could possibly be able to sour services later down the road. This is also a great way to share links to your own site.
  • Don’t let all of the winning content on your blog just sit there and collect dust. Shine them up and expand on them to create engaging articles that you can then submit t high-ranking sites within your industry.
  • Start making videos and put together a YouTube Channel. This is also a great way to get in on Vine, a social tool that is really starting to take off. Get in on the next big thing before everyone else is doing it and potentially overshadowing you.

Make sure you have a site and a brand that you actually want others to share. Once you have caught the attention of enough people, word will start to spread. It’s just a matter of putting all of the pieces together and letting people know that you have a brand worth sharing.


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