How Any Business Can Use Valentine’s Day to Their Advantage

vdayValentine’s Day can mean massive profits for any company, not just jewelers, candy stores, and florists. The trick, of course, is to know how to market your business and how to tie in the holiday.

Here are some great ways almost any form of business can take advantage of the lovey-dovey crowd even when it’s not at the core of their market. Better yet…these tricks can work now and without much planning.

1 – Market to Women: While stereotypes assume that men are the big spenders on Valentine’s Day, women actually make up a huge chunk of the money spent on Valentine’s Day. After all, one stereotype that does seem to be true is that women are more sentimental than men. Your business can offer special deals or incentives to any women on February 14th. Make the offer only for women to give it some extra Valentine’s appeal.

2 – Make Your Customer Your Valentine: This is a marketing tactic that can work for anyone. Valentine’s Day is about love and kindness; what better way to express your gratitude than offering “Valentine’s Day gifts” to your clients? Hold contests for freebies, offer discounts, and on and on. You can market your offer as a Valentine’s Day special. With the use of social media—especially Twitter and Facebook—such deals tend to go viral pretty quickly. Of course, it might help to start promoting such an offer the day before so you can gain early tractions rather than wastng half of Valentine’s Day getting the word out.

3 – Hit Up the Anti Crowd: It’s no secret that there’s a large crowd out there that despise Valentine’s Day. You can appeal to this group by holding Anti-Valentine’s specials. While some may not go this route at the risk of coming off as a scrooge, it is actually becoming popular. The anti-Valentine’s crowd will love you for it and the rest will find it funny. You come out smelling like a rose either way.



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