Going Psycho: Getting in the Heads of Your Audience

emotional-experienceIf you want to get your brand’s message across in the most crucial way, you need to be able to play on the two primary interests of your audience: their wants and their emotions. This is why beer commercials usually feature big-breasted women, truck commercials feature adventure scenarios, and greeting card company commercials pull at your heartstrings.

They want to be remembered at the very core of your emotional responses.

So what can you do in order to make sure your brand is hitting all of these crucial elements in marketing and copywriting?

Keep It Simple and Relatable: If you have a great concept that you feel is going to resonate with your audience, don’t overcomplicate it. Don’t cram symbolism or subliminal messages into your message. Strip the concept down to its barest bones; it will then seem honest, relevant and truthful. And when your brand can be all three of those things at once, you’re succeeding.

Understand Your Audience’s Intent Upon Hiring You: Why did your client hire you? Or, more to the point, why are people calling you or visiting your website? What is their intent? If you know these answers, you can better direct your approach in terms of marketing, advertising, and shaping your brand for the future.

Speak Louder Than Your Competitors: While it’s never smart to lie to your audience about your goals or abilities, there is nothing at all wrong with showing them that you are just like them and can identify with them. Use common links between your personal self and your average customer to show that you truly understand them at a base level and can help them excel.

When you find these similarities, drive them home in a strong way that will appeal to not only your target audience, but your competitors’ clients as well.

As you can see, if you can get inside the heads of your audience, it becomes easier to cater to them. You can almost get to the point here you will be able to predict their wants and emotional responses.

What are some other psychological tricks your brand has employed in the past with positive results?

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