How Copywriters Spend Their Weekends

f-Bad-Grammar-6681Small business owners and employees of all types spend their weekends in a variety of different ways. We all know the stereotypes of CEOs playing a few rounds of golf or taking weekend getaways into the mountains. But what about the employees?

For example, how might a copywriter spend their weekend? Unless they’re pulling serious bank (which is unlike—just ask any copywriter), they’re not likely going to be at the gold courses or the isolated mountain cabins.

So here’s a glimpse at how we think copywriters might spend their weekend. (Note: this list has been compiled without actually interviewing any copywriters).

  • Scrutinizing the copy on the back of the shampoo bottle while they relax in the tub and fuming over run on sentences and unnecessary commas.
  • Spending a good portion of Saturday working on the novel they have been writing in their spare time over the last few years.
  • Working on the screenplay they’ve also been working on in the same amount of time.
  • Using the power of lists to get out of appointments and chores around the house. For example, 5 Reasons It’s Beneficial to My Health to Sleep In on Saturday or The 3 Worst Ways To Spend a Saturday Night.
  • Revisiting the novel and screenplay on Sunday night, perhaps as motivation for next week.
  • Trying very hard to not stop by local businesses that have grammatically incorrect signs hanging in their windows…usually advertising sales and promotions.
  • Starting out with plans to use a great bourbon BBQ chicken recipe in a cookbook and then getting sidetracked by how much more concise they could have written the recipe and all of the book’s other copy.


What do you say copywriters? Is this pretty close or just some gross exaggerations? Let us know in the comments!

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