Can You Increase Productivity by Answering E-Mail in the Morning?

morningPeople of all trades go about starting their workday off differently. Some head straight for the coffee maker. Others might check their messages first thing in the morning.

Most people don’t really have a set schedule. They tend to just go with the flow and take the morning as work allows them to. However, there are many successful business owners and entrepreneurs that swear to answering their e-mail first thing in the morning.

These are people that know what they are talking about, too. Robert Iger, the CEO of Disney and Tim Cook, the CEO of Apple always start their days off by answering their e-mails.

While men of this caliber are obviously far too busy to comment and length about their daily activities, there are others in the workforce that have also developed this habit and have found that answering your w-mail first thing in the morning is probably the most productive way to start your day.

Think about it…

  • Making sure you communicate with others right away rather than waiting until later in the day tends to get ideas moving faster and the dialogue started right away.


  • Chances are, we’ve been thinking about the subjects of a few e-mails that need responses overnight. Those ideas are still fresh on your mind in the morning; reply right away before the business of your day makes you forget about the points you wanted to make.


  • Getting e-mails and basic communication with others taken care of in the morning is thought to be the best time to communicate. Unless you were frustrated by being stuck in traffic or not feeling well, chances are you’re going to be at your verbal best in the morning.

This is actually a highly debated topic in the business world. And while there is certainly no right or wrong answer, answering your e-mails right away—the moment you step into the office—seems to have its merits.

Where does your preference lie?

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