Be a Branding Hero

super-heroEveryone loves a great hero story. From Beowulf to The Avengers, heroes are ingrained in storytelling from all periods of human history.

Did you know that you can sort of take advantage of this fact when it comes to branding? It’s true. If you can cleverly see your business and brand as a story that had yet to be told, you can experience a hero’s journey within your workplace.

The Transformation

In any good hero tale, the hero is usually changed by the end of the story. The goals he set out with, whether accomplished in the end or not, are often changed in some way. Turned on its head in the marketing worlds, this can be used in terms of your band’s adaptability. Make sure your goals adjust accordingly to the other factors of your story…factors such as client needs, technology, finances, and so on.

Sharing the Hero’s Duty

At the start of your journey (or, for those already lost in the metaphor, the opening of your business) you need to be the hero. You need to be the little guy with obstacles to overcome. But as you gain experience and your goals shift (see above) it may be time to hand the reigns over to a new hero. And that new hero should probably be your clients. Make them feel like they are the hero in a story that you are helping them tell through your goods or services.

Making a Good Hero

The best heroes have their faults and are, at their base, very much human. For you, this means to remain relatable and available to your customers. And while superheroes often have secret identities, you may want to leave the “super” out of things when it comes to branding. You want people to know who you are at all times.

What other heroic attributes can you find in proper branding?




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