4 Ways To Optimize Tweets For Increased Exposure

Twitter only gives you 140 characters to get your message across. While you can easily post a quick statement, it may get lost in the millions of other tweets if you don’t make the effort to optimize those precious 140 characters. There is a big difference between a tweet and an effective one. Businesses who optimize their tweets gain far more followers and see the maximum benefit Twitter has to offer.

Answer Before Asked

As a business, you likely already have a FAQs section on your site. Customer support regularly receives and answers questions from visitors. You may even receive questions through Twitter. Help answer questions by posting the answers to common and not so common questions on Twitter on a regular basis. If your products are used during certain seasons, focus answers around those products as those seasons approach.

Post Stats

People love random tidbits of knowledge. Each day post a quick statistic or fact that’s relevant to your company. These can be serious, humorous or anything in between. The object is to give followers something to look forward to while adding personality to your business.

Master The Hashtag

New followers often find Twitter accounts via the search function. If you want your tweets to be more search friendly, use relevant hashtags. Twitter lets you see the most popular hashtags. Whenever possible, try to incorporate a popular hashtag or something related to the trend into your tweet for maximum exposure. However, only do this if it fits your tweet. Only use hashtags that are actually relevant to your tweet to avoid being classified as spam.


Consider having a daily or weekly promotion. Since everyone loves a discount, contest or sale, these types of tweets are some of the most shared. You increase business and gain new followers at the same time. You can also share promotions from partner businesses. The idea is if you share their tweets, they’ll share yours as well.

Whatever you do, always make the most of your 140 characters. Whenever possible leave at least 10 characters free so others can retweet and add their own quick message.

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