4 Quick Ways To Socialize Your Site

Having a social media presence doesn’t necessarily mean you’ve completely immersed your business in the social world. There is more to social media than having a page on popular social networks. If you have a website, you need to socialize that as well. All of your online marketing efforts, and even many offline ones too, should connect. If you want your social media marketing to be truly successful, you must socialize your site.

Share Buttons

The easiest and quickest way to get a little social on your website is by adding share buttons. You don’t have to have any special web design skills to do so either. This is especially important if you have articles on your site or host your own blog. This allows visitors who find you outside of social networks to share their favorite pieces of content with their friends. Include as many networks as possible so content is shared quickly everywhere.

Social Commenting

Many sites require you to create a special account in order to comment on articles and blog posts. Sometimes businesses miss out on valuable feedback because users don’t want to create yet another account. Instead, allow visitors to log in with Facebook, Twitter or another social media account.

As an added bonus, add a section to your site that shows the latest social media activity from visitors on your site. This includes comments, likes and shares. Those who log in can see any activity from their friends. This creates your own personal social network on your site. Activity is still shared on the social network itself, but users don’t have to skip from site to site to socialize.

Advertise Your Presence

If you don’t want to add any code to your site, you can still be social by at least advertising your social media presence. On your home page, list links for visitors to follow you on every site you are on. You can also place these links on your about us page or at the bottom of every page.

Promote Contests And Discounts

Get visitors excited about your latest contests and discounts on social networks. This advertises your social network pages and helps your contests and discounts appear in search engines, whether users are signed in or not. You can even showcase feedback, winners and ask visitors what they’d like to participate in next.

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