3 Things You Need to Ask Your Next Copywriter

computer keyboard in useWe’ve already written a few posts on this blog about the value of a great copywriter. Not all of us are great writers and even if we are, our business might not allow us enough time to write material for our blogs or other outlets. So many times, a freelance writer is a necessity.

But how can you be sure you’re getting a writer that is worth their salt? There are so many out there competing for your work, how can you be certain you are truly working with a pro?

Here are three things you should always ask any writer that will be working for you. You can use their answers as a good gauge as to the type of work they are capable of.

Ask to see some sample work. This is easily the best way to get a good feel for the writer’s talent. Any good copywriter is going to expect to have to show samples; if you request samples from a writer that seems reluctant to provide any past work, this should be a red flag. By reading their previous work, you’ll get a better idea of what sort of writer you will be working with.

Ask how they can ensure their work is original. This is a question many people surprisingly don’t ask. However, if you’re going to be working with a writer for the long term, you’ll want one that understands the importance of using Copyscape or similar plagiarism-checking sites and programs.

If you need them to upload content to your blogs, make it clear upfront.  Not all copywriters are also adept at uploading content to multiple places on the internet. Always assume that the writer you are hiring is just that: a writer. It’s not safe to automatically assume that they have the know-how to add the content to your website or blog or that they know htlml basics. If you need these services as well, make it clear as soon as possible; many writers are fully capable of handling these details, too. They may request more money, which is normal.

Working closely with a writer is a huge part of getting fresh and unique content up onto your website. It’s important that you are comfortable with your copywriter and that all of the above criteria have been fully fleshed out.



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