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Tip: Don’t Forget To Link Your Social Media Accounts

Social media marketing doesn’t stop when you create an account on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or any other network. Businesses are well aware of the need to keep their profiles professional and their statuses updated to keep visitors engaged. However, when you have multiple social media accounts, you are actually hurting yourself if you forget one vital step – linking each account to the other.

Facebook and Twitter are two of the most commonly linked accounts. Each allows you to automatically post updates from one to the other in a single step. For instance, if you update on Facebook, your Twitter account instantly shows the same information. However, linking isn’t just about duplicate updates.

Each social network offers its own benefits. You are able to post more frequently on some, while others are best for occasional posts. You also have a different fan base on each. It’s vital to introduce fans from one network to your profiles on other networks. This gives them a chance to learn even more about your business.

On every social network profile, you are able to list associated websites. Most companies stop at their company’s site. This is a must have link, but so are links to your other profiles. Link to your Twitter and Facebook pages from your LinkedIn page. The more interconnected all your sites are, the more fans you are likely to receive.

The idea of linking is to drastically increase your fan base. Why do twice the work in promoting your social media pages when existing pages help promote the others? This also provides valuable backlinks to your profiles and allows you to have a one stop page on every network for all your most important links.

Linking takes only a few minutes per site. You only need to do it once, unless you change your profile address. From updating multiple networks from a single social media site to self promotion, linking is well worth the few minutes it takes.