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4 Reasons Not To Rely On Social Media Alone

Many companies make a tragic mistake when the begin their social media campaign. They neglect everything else and rely solely on social media. While social networking does provide a way for companies to interact with their followers and increase traffic, it is not the only way to connect. Social media should complement your company’s marketing campaign, not replace it.

No Where To Send Followers

If you become to involved with your social media campaign, you often find yourself spending all your time on updating posts, developing new strategies and reading followers’ comments you forget about your own website. Part of the purpose of social media is to drive traffic back to your site. If you do not maintain your website, you have no where to send your followers if they want more information.

Disconnect From Customers

Remember that not everyone uses social networks. Even if they do, they may not be aware of your page or profile. This means you are disconnecting your company from all your customers and potential customers who are not social media users. Your company should always be accessible to everyone, whether they are using the latest trends or not.

Traditional Advertising

Relying on social media alone defeats the purpose entirely if no one is aware of your presence. Social media campaigns usually rely upon traditional forms of advertising, especially when the account is fairly new. Social media by itself means you disregard TV ads, offline promotions and even website ads. All of these draw followers to your page.

Loss Of Relevant Information

Social media is popular because it provides short blips of information. If the user wants more information, they can visit the website or wait for more details as they are posted. Most users have a short attention span and may forget to come back to your page to see the latest updates until it is too late. If you rely strictly on social media to provide information to your followers, you risk becoming reliant on a few lines of text for all promotions and details. Users want relevant information in addition to the social media posts.

It is important to always combine social media with other marketing tools. Each compliments the other to create a strong campaign that produces incredible results.