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Is Social Media Important? How about BUZZ?

Are your social media marketing campaigns bringing in sales? If you answered “yes,” you’re part of a very small group found a recent study.

Although many marketers see the value and potential of social media marketing, most have yet to translate that into sales, found a new report by R2integrated.

According to the study, 65% of respondents said that their companies have not increased revenue or profited using social media. When asked about their biggest impediment, 36% of the respondents cited “not enough data or analytics to develop ROI” as their #1 challenge.

So if social media is not creating the ROI for your business you require – should you scrap it?

That is the question on the minds of many companies who setup a Facebook and Twitter account, and then think – “Ok, I setup my social media campaign, now what?”

Well the answer is that social media will bring in the ROI you require but it takes time. It is true that social media marketing is seen as a cost-effective way to market yourself – however unlike other mediums, it is the most human labor intensive type of marketing.

In order for you to become successful in your social media campaigns, you need to have a game plan. Here at readyBUZZ, we believe taking the following approach to social media will allow you to open up a new world of marketing for your business:

1. Build a professional marketable site (with opt-in forms, valuable customer information, a blog, and multiple points of contact)
2. Build a professional Facebook and Twitter page for your business and do NOT co-mingle it with your personal accounts.
3. After building these components, it is time to market your business. A solid social media campaign incorporates daily blog posts, daily informative/interesting posts on social media sites, monthly/quarterly press releases, and of course extensive networking / online relationship building.

And remember, make sure to add an analytic software to your site to see where your traffic is coming from, where it is going on your website and if you are converting.

Social Media marketing still proves to be an a fundamental player in your ultimate marketing plan – so make sure to give it the time and professionalism it deserves!