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3 Ways To Market On Pinterest Without Breaking The Rules

Many companies jumped at the chance to add another social network to their marketing strategy. However, Pinterest doesn’t allow any direct selling tactics. On sites like Facebook and Twitter, you could be rather direct. If you don’t want to be banned from Pinterest, learn the best ways to market without breaking any rules.

Coupon Collages

Pinterest has no rules against discounts and contests. If you offer coupons on your products and services, create a coupon board. This gets your offer to more people and creates new customers. Since people love discounts, they’ll share your board with their own friends and family. If you have multiple coupons, coupon collages are not only eye catching, but allow you to create coupon images for different sets of products.

Bundle Products

Just because you can’t sell on Pinterest, it doesn’t mean you can’t offer exclusive deals. Let your customers know that they will receive a special discount if they buy certain products together. Take pictures of special offer packages. In the caption, let customers know exactly how much they can save by using the bundle deal versus buying separately. This lets you advertise, provide a discount and increase sales.

Creative QR Codes

While the last image you may think of pinning is a QR code, don’t underestimate the power of posting scannable images. When posting a QR code on Pinterest, don’t use the typical blocking, black and white image. Instead, get creative. Some businesses create images within QR codes. They are colorful and artsy. They are eye catching enough to be shared and allow you to link to whatever you want.

By creating a board with QR codes, you can put all your current codes in a single location for easy access. Your customers will appreciate you making their lives easier.

You may not be able to open a store on Pinterest, but customers are visual people. Be creative with your marketing images and you will still increase your customers.