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Why You Need To Use Multiple Platforms!

The biggest mistake most businesses make is to only use one social media platform. In most cases, they either choose Twitter or Facebook. The truth is, one just isn’t enough. Every platform has its own benefits, but no one social media network can reach everybody. With the millions of potential customers reachable on social networks, why not take advantage of having the biggest audience possible?

While some people belong to multiple social networks, others choose just one. If you limit your company to a single network, you are missing out on the thousands, if not millions, who use a different one. In fact, there are millions of Internet users who have never ventured on to Facebook. This is a major audience you could be missing out on should you promote your business or product just on Facebook.

How To Choose

The best part about a social media marketing strategy is you actually save time by using multiple platforms at once. For instance, regular updates on promotions or new products can be sent to Twitter and Facebook at the same time. The easiest way to choose which networks you want to use is by deciding the type of audience you want to reach.

If you’re simply looking to reach many people at once, choose the largest social networks. If you are looking to reach certain niches, look for more niche social networks. For instance, to appeal to other businesses, a network such as LinkedIn may work better. Overall, try to make certain your promotions match the network you use.

The Benefits

Obviously, the biggest benefit of using multiple platforms is to reach a larger audience. The more people who see your business, the better. When you use multiple platforms, you also help take your business mobile. While some networks aren’t on board with the mobile craze, others are. This ensures you reach your audience wherever they are.

Multiple platforms also give you more options. With Twitter, you have 140 characters. With Facebook, you have longer messages with in status previews of pictures and videos. With LinkedIn, you can reach potential employees and related businesses. Even YouTube as a social network gives you the chance to show customers exactly what you have to offer.