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Top 4 Ways To Profit From Pinterest

One of the first things you may read about Pinterest is the fact it isn’t a promotional social network. What this means for businesses is you will have to get a little creative to abide by Pinterest’s rules while still profiting. As long as your page isn’t strictly an advertisement, you can and should use the fastest growing social network to showcase your products to a new audience.

Showcase Products In Use

Pinterest is all about images. Most people use the site for inspiration or tutorials. Give users what they want. Pin images of your products in use. For instance, hand crafted clothing could be displayed on models so others get an idea of how great it would look on them.

If you sell a service, you can still display an image of the finished product or the service in action. For instance, a lawn care business might post images of trimmed, patterned lawns with a family picnic being held. The key is to truly show users how your product or service benefits them.

Add A Price

Just because you can’t sell directly on Pinterest, it doesn’t mean you can’t advertise your prices. Post pictures of your products and add the price. This not only helps users compare prices quickly, but gets your posts added to the Gifts section of the site. You can always edit your post should prices change.

Group Images

Grouping products by occasion, person, season or even current sales is a great way to help users find the right product for themselves or as a gift. By helping users shop, your posts are shared more often. Making the shopping experience easier greatly increases social popularity and profits.

Promotion Through Opinion

One way many businesses are increasing their Pinterest following and profits is by asking for customers’ opinions. Some businesses post several products and ask users to share their favorite product. The one with the most repins (aka shares) will be sold at a discount the following week. This method also works with new products or product changes. The user is able to provide feedback while your posts are being shared with an ever growing audience. Add a quick discount to the promotion and suddenly profits soar.