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3 Ways To Protect Your Brand And Still Be Social

While social media is rather lenient on what you can and cannot do, there are still certain rules to follow. Unless you are prepared, you could find your account banned or even facing legal action. It isn’t difficult to abide by the rules and protect your brand while still being social. All it takes is a little understanding and preparation.

Know The Network’s Rules

Numerous businesses found themselves penalized by Facebook for running contests incorrectly. The last thing you want is to lose all your hard work. If your account is banned, you lose all your followers. The first thing you should do, even before creating an account, is read all the terms of service and even the privacy policy so you know who owns the information you post. Remember each network has their own set of rules.

Create Your Own Policies

The moment your social media page goes live, you should have a set of social media policies in place. These are policies you create yourself. Followers must abide by these rules or you have the right to ban them from your own account. These policies should include exactly how any information you collect is used, details on how contests work and what is and isn’t allowed on your page.

Use Only What You Own

Just because it’s on the Internet, it doesn’t mean you have the right to freely use it. All types of content are copyrighted. Unless you own the content you post or the content is copyright free, don’t post it. You’ll quickly find your company on the wrong side of a legal dispute. If you do want to use copyrighted material, obtain written permission first. Do not rely upon a verbal discussion.

Post Only What You’d Say Face To Face

When you don’t actually see or talk to anyone, it can be easy to forget you still have to abide by real world rules. Social media is no different than marketing face to face. It is personal. As such, you must show respect for your followers. Basically, if it isn’t something you would say to the people you respect the most, don’t post it online. Remember, once posted, you can’t take it back. Say the wrong thing and you could have your account banned or face a lawsuit.