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Your Small Business Needs A Large Presence – Want To Know Why?

Do you want to learn why your small business needs a large presence? Small businesses typically have the misconception that because they are small, there is no reason to invest in social media marketing. While it’s true large businesses are successful with social media, it doesn’t mean there is nothing in it for small businesses. In fact, the entire purpose of social media marketing is to make your business bigger. Why only market to a small area, when you can market to millions through a single campaign?

Small businesses find themselves hindered by several factors. First, large businesses often have a dedicated marketing department which handles all social marketing. Second, creating and implementing social media into a business is time consuming if you don’t already understand how to use the networks to your best advantage. Third, they spend so much time getting a campaign off the ground they never see enough results to justify the time.

Partnering With readyBUZZ

readyBUZZ understands the problems small businesses face. They also know the true value of social media for marketing. Facebook alone has 700 million users. These are users you could be marketing to. What readyBUZZ offers is a way around the common reasons that turn small businesses off to social media.

There is no need to hire someone new to figure out social media tools. readyBUZZ guides you every step of the way so you know exactly what you are doing to save time, money and embarrassment from common mistakes.

readyBUZZ ensures there is never any need to sit around all day posting updates or tweets. Instead, they show you how to implement time saving strategies which equal profits quickly. When you start seeing results almost immediately, social media suddenly becomes more worthwhile.

Create A Large Presence

Small businesses can use social media marketing to expand their current customer base either locally or on a global scale. Readybuzz helps these small businesses create the perfect strategy to reach the right audience so you see profitable results in less time. Once you start using social media, your small business creates a large presence which is instantly recognizable by fans and followers. As your presence grows, so do your profits and fan base. Why be small, when you can be large?

Get The Most From Facebook – 4 Quick Facebook Marketing Tips

Now that you have begun using Facebook for marketing your business, you may wonder exactly where to begin. There is so many possibilities that it is often overwhelming. To get started quick, here are four tips you can start using today to get your business noticed in the Facebook community. The best part is all of these are free or relatively cheap.

Make Time For Customers

Set aside at least one to two hours each day for Facebook marketing. Setting up a page is not enough. You must actually be active on the page. Customers and visitors tend to come back when you update. Also, most people “Like” a page so they can see regular updates in their news feed without having to visit individual pages.

Take time to communicate with customers and fans. Answer questions posted on your wall or in the comments on posts. Post daily updates on new products, events or links to relevant information. Interact and you will gain fans.

Offer New Fan Promotions

One of the cheapest Facebook marketing methods is first time “Like” promotions. The object is to gain fans. If they “Like” your page, you offer then a coupon or something free. Visitors will quickly check out pages that give them something in return. All you need to reach is a few hundred people. They will then recommend your page to their friends. Ensure you offer a way for them to post your promotion to their own walls.

Create Pages

The biggest mistake businesses make is creating a profile instead of a page. A profile requires visitors to become your friend, opening up their information to your business. Businesses are not people. Pages work differently and allow fans to interact and join your page without sharing all their personal information. They are also far easier to customize than profiles.

Make Updates Fun

Do not just post a boring product update. Instead, have fun with the updates on your page. Post interesting links related to your business, use witty comments, make your fans laugh or post questions for your community to interact with. By engaging fans, they become more interested in your business and also recommend your page to others.