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Does Twitter Bring Added Value To Your Business?

According to a recent study by Sysomos, maker of social media analysis tools, a staggering 71% of all tweets produce no reaction in the form of re-tweets or @ replies.  This huge percentage of tweets going unaddressed begs the question.  Is Twitter bringing added value to my companies social media efforts?  The fact of the matter is that there is no definite answer and Twitters value completely depends on your the type of company you are working with.

Although studies how Facebook likes drive more sales and generate a higher level of activity, many businesses of all sizes have had a lot of success with Twitter.  Their success is rooted in a combination of approach and their ability to target and engage the right demographic.

Erica Swallow writes on Why Twitter is a Big Win for Small Businesses for Mashable’s small business round tables, highlighting several of these success stories.  When it comes to planning your social media campaign, will you be using Twitter?  Let Readybuzz help you measure its value and bring you biggest return for your time invested.