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How to Get People to Care About Your Brand

When your product is a sleek, exciting gadget that blows its predecesssors generation away or a flashy new application that is exactly what everyone wants, creating hype is pretty easy. People are always looking forward, seeking the next big thing and trying to stay ahead of the masses, so consumers often obsess over promising new technology and beg for beta keys for the next big web application.

But what about the little guy—the guy who offers something that people really need, but that just isn’t that interesting? Marketing a product that people are bound to glance over is certainly challenging, but not impossible. According to Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, the need that must be fulfilled before any other is considered important is physiological needs—food, shelter, safety, social acceptance and all the other things that keep us alive as individuals and a species. With that being said, it would seem that the things that keep this need tended to—food, cleaning products and the like—should be really easy to market, right? Not so much.

Keeping this need filled is pretty easy in most of the developed world today, even if you are struggling, which allows people to almost constantly focus on higher “needs” which fuel things such as human curiosity. People constantly need things that are interesting or stimulating in one way or another, and dynamic products can easily market through this.

If your product fulfills a basic need, however, you need to determine what desire it can fill for your potential customers. Lysol, for example, doesn’t expect people to be interest in cleansing products and, instead, focuses on people’s desire to keep a clean home. By finding what people can achieve with your product that will matter to them, you can focus a successful marketing campaign with a lot of creative potential, as it will be based upon not only a product but a concept that people are already passionate about.

Ignoring Social Media is a Mistake

Ironically there are some people who still find it difficult to embrace the latest trend in marketing. Using social media is not always about entertainment, relaxation and fun. Now businesspeople and professionals are also on social media websites promoting their businesses and ideas. One of the worst mistakes anyone can make is denying the truth that social media is increasingly becoming the most important tool to promote your products and services.

People who doubt the power of social media hardly enjoy the benefits of social media websites. Social media is all about mingling and conversing with people. It is human nature to want to socialize because we are social animals. Socializing increases trust among people because it helps us communicate with one another. This is an important requirement for success in every field of business.

With the World Wide Web, the whole world relies on the internet for information, business, entertainment and learning. Every business today has a web page online to attract customers and clients by sharing information about them. The greatest search engine which is Google is the source of information and people use it to find anything under the sun. If you deny taking part in this emerging social media, it will only reduce your pace toward success.

You could be a teacher who teaches online, and mingling with your students in forums is the best way to help them in their weak subjects. Similarly, mingling with your customers will help you in understanding their needs and knowing what you can do to improve. You have to communicate with people to market your business.

Besides, look around you and you will find competition. Everyone is competing with one another and you will be forced to get involved in competition. The rule in today’s world is that unless you are in the game, you will not stand a chance to win. The main competition is about providing goods that meet the requirement of the masses. Unless you know what people are looking for how you can improve your business, you will be left far behind. You cannot avoid using the internet to conduct a survey to analyze the demand and supply of goods. If you decide going about this the old fashioned way, you will only waste time and money.

Time is money! The internet makes things fast and saves your money as well, not to forget the element of accuracy. You can simply create forms and get them filled online within a day or two. On the other hand, the old fashioned way requires you to spend money on printing and designing which means waste of time and recourses. Follow this by paying people for doing the job for you. Think about the advantage of saving unnecessary waste of resources and time.

There are specific social media sites dedicated to business such as LinkedIn. Here you have the benefit of engaging in newer business partnerships and learning new business strategies. You can meet businessmen from many different countries and facilitate international business. The sky is the limit with social media.

Ignoring social media is a mistake no one should make. Whether you are a pioneer business person, small business or large business; social media is what you will need as a stepping stone to success.