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Keep Facebook Fans With Respect

While it can be difficult sometimes, the best way to keep your Facebook fans is by respecting them no matter what. When your wall is bombarded with negative comments from hostile fans, your first reaction may be to remove the posts. Do this and you’ll see your positive fans leave even before the others. However, respect means so much more.

Don’t Spam Fans

Many Facebook users have hundreds of friends and like hundreds of pages. Posts are lost quickly in their news feed. Your first reaction may be to post more often to ensure your fans have a chance to see at least some communications from you. Posting often is great, but posting too often will turn fans away.

Respect your fans and don’t post every few minutes or hours. The posts become redundant and annoying. Unless you are running a contest with a short deadline, there is really no reason to have over 10 posts a day, with less being the norm. If you do have a legitimate reason to post often, warn fans upfront before they like your page.

Don’t Contact Fans Directly

Some complaints require private communication to deal with. Instead of initiating private contact yourself, respond to the complaint with a message to please contact the company by email or a contact form on your website with full details of the problem so you can resolve it quicker. This shows that you respect the customer’s concerns and you keep the comments to a minimum. When the problem is resolved, ask the customer to please respond to the initial comment stating everything was resolved or you can do this yourself.

Never Antagonize Fans

Just because fans have a problem with your company, it doesn’t give you the right to antagonize them. Remember to always be respectful no matter what. Don’t argue and always remain polite. If the commenter refuses any help or doesn’t respond, you do have the right to remove extremely offensive posts from your wall. These include pointless rants, posts including expletives and those completely off topic from your company.

Always ask the poster to remove the post themselves first to avoid offending anyone. If it hasn’t been removed within three days, delete it to avoid potential arguments or offending other fans.