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Twitter Rules – It’s Not Just About You

It is easy to get caught up on Twitter and constantly tweet about yourself. After all, the point of Twitter for businesses is to let customers know more about products and the company. However, one of the most important rules to remember about using Twitter is Twitter isn’t just about you. There is far more involved in using the social media site than simply tweeting updates.

Interact With Followers

When a follower wants to address a comment or question to you, they can either send a direct message or include your Twitter name in the comment, preceded by the @ symbol. You can easily find all these mentions from your Twitter profile page. The reason people use these mentions is to interact with you.

Taking the time to interact in return helps build stronger relationships between your business and its customers. Even those who don’t mention you will be impressed by seeing you answer questions and respond to comments. Some companies take the initiative by holding special Q&A days on Twitter for their followers.

Share Links And Related Companies

It’s great to build your own business. However, after a while, followers may get tired of hearing about a day of great sales or the latest community picnic. Odds are, you are partnered with other businesses. Take the time to share information about your partners. For instance, a catering company may want to help their followers by sharing a link and some details about local photographers they partner with.

Numerous tutorials exist online. Instead of always creating your own tutorials, post links to third party sites with reliable tutorials on using your product. Everyone can use a few tips and tricks. More than likely, your followers will get even more help on other products they own.

By sharing sites that don’t lead back to you, you show your followers you are confident. It also builds a strong relationship between yourself and your partners. More importantly, it keeps your followers eagerly awaiting the next tweet to see how it will benefit them.