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Don’t Let Your Social Profile Die!

You’ve created an amazing social network profile and page. You post on a regular basis and even make the time to talk to your fans one on one. However, your fan base isn’t growing and you’re not seeing the traffic increase you had hoped for. The problem – you are letting your social profile wither and die.

Building a page isn’t enough. Participating in your page goes a long way, but it still doesn’t provide the traffic you want and need. Think of the most popular and successful social network profiles and pages. They gained their stardom by advertising. Most of their campaigns are heavily advertised in various media outlets and even on the social network itself.

You have an infinite number of ways to advertise your page. Many companies start by running a promotion which they advertise through social network ads, such as those on Facebook, sponsored search engine ads and ads on their own website. After all, if no one knows you have a social network page, how will they ever become a fan?

Look for ways to create targeted advertising. Paying for ads which may never reach your target audience just takes away from your marketing budget. For instance, Facebook targets ads to users based on their interests and search history. With millions using the network, why not advertise your page to other users on the network?

Advertising doesn’t have to become a permanent thing. You can focus on advertising just when you are running new promotions or introducing a new product. Once you have had several successful social advertising campaigns, your fan base will drastically increase. From here, your fans actually do the majority of the work for you.

When you post, they begin to share it. This becomes your advertising. However, you do need a way to boost your fans and followers in the beginning. Don’t let all your hard work go to waste simply because no one knows your social network profile exists. Advertise on your website, on other sites and even offline. Get the word out and you’ll save time later as others become your own personal promoters.