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4 Reasons To Start Using Facebook Events Now

If you’ve been using Facebook to market your business, you probably know all about the basics of regular posting, adding photos and interacting with fans. One feature you might not be aware of is events. Like the term implies, you use this feature to make fans aware of upcoming events they can participate in. Whether your business is based online or off, you need to start using events now.

Community Events

Local businesses often make the most of events. When you have a community event planned, let all your fans know. Don’t depend upon word of mouth alone. Far too many businesses place an ad on their door and expect the general public to be aware of the upcoming event. You will reach a far larger audience by posting the event on Facebook. List the time, date, price (if applicable) and any additional details. For instance, restaurants often use events to update fans on live music and karaoke nights.

More Interactions

Are you planning a big Q&A session with your fans? You may have posted about it, but you still run the risk of your posts being buried in fans’ news feeds. By scheduling an event, the date is listed in the events section on a fan’s main Facebook page. They see it at all times.

Know Who’s Attending

If you really want an idea of how many people are planning to attend your event, you must take advantage of the events feature. Fans have three options when it comes to events which appear on their Facebook home page. They can choose “Yes, I’m attending,” “No, I’m not attending” and “Maybe.” This gives you an idea of how many people might attend your event.

Build Hype

Schedule an event on Facebook and watch the excitement build. A simple post isn’t enough. Instead, post an event. Fans can easily invite their own friends and family. Each time your event is shared, all details are shared with it. Any type of event you hold should always be scheduled using the events feature. It will build more hype than a post alone and the event will be shared far more.