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Daily Deals Community Element

This Monday Groupon announced its acquisition of Pelago, developer of the local discovery app Whrrl.  This move suggests that the Daily Deal giant is taking the road of other location based services like Facebook Places and Foursquare in attempt to bring added hyper local value to their promotional platform.   In fact, Groupon’s CEO Jeff Holden announced in a blog post that although at first this merger may seem strange, each company shared a similar vision that really makes sense.

Whrrl’s mission has always been to increase the possibility of adventure in our daily real-world lives, and to that end, we invented an idea economy (with Whrrlbot as its inexhaustible champion!)  It turns out that Groupon has a very similar mission, except they approached it by creating a new kind of deal economy.

Groupon’s push to create a hyper local deal economy has taken an approach opposite of other similar type services like Foursquare which focused mostly on the gaming element of the platform and added in marketing tools for business later. In both cases, the platforms have evolved into what they are today. We at readyBUZZ noticed this natural symbiosis early on and created socialpda, ur proprietary social shopping network and mobile app.  Unlike the above mentioned services, the socialpda platform was designed from the ground up to include both location based and promotional tools for local business.  Our unique approach and innovative features including local “hot spots” provides a feel and experience not found with other services.

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socialpda and the future of social shopping for merchants from socialpda guru on Vimeo.