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Going Local With Facebook – 4 Essential Tips

Many local businesses are still intimidated by the sheer size of social networks like Facebook. As such, they don’t believe there is any reason to use the network to promote their local brick and mortar business. Local businesses can greatly increase foot traffic simply by interacting with fans on Facebook. This is especially true for businesses that don’t have a website.

Promote To Contacts

The first thing you have to do is promote your Facebook page. Start by sending out a message to all your contacts and customers promoting your new page. Many businesses choose to print the page’s URL on receipts or hand out business cards. Local promotion is key to increasing exposure. Once you promote to current customers and contacts, they will “Like” your page and even share your page with their own friends and contacts.

Share Positive Reviews

Positive reviews are always a great thing to post on your page. For those who may not be familiar with your business, sharing positive reviews from other businesses and customers increases the chances of hooking a new customer. You can ask fans of your page to post comments of what they really think about your product, store or services. Real feedback on a social network is the best promotion you can have, especially locally.

Call To Action Welcome

Local businesses benefit greatly by having a call to action page as their welcome screen. Tell Facebook users why they should “Like” your page. Provide a tantalizing tidbit about your company. The page should link to the “Like” screen. This screen can then offer some sort of discount or special offer to entice fans to visit your local store.

Respond To Everyone

The one thing people love most about local businesses is the personal attention. Most employees know regular customers by name. Provide this same personal care your customers expect on your Facebook page. Whenever possible, respond to everyone. If they provide positive feedback, thank them. If they have a question about an upcoming event, provide a prompt response. Interact with them as if they were actually in your business.