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Foursquare Shows The Importance of Small Business

foursquare-logoThere are so many apps coming out these days that many of them appear as nothing more than a blip on the screen. This can be dangerous, as some truly great apps can get lost in the flurry of activity.

One app that has managed to surge ahead of the pack was able to do so because it’s an add-on of sorts to the ultra-popular Foursquare. Titled simple Foursquare for Business, this is a version of Foursquare that was created with the growth of small businesses in mind.

For those not already in the know, Foursquare’s intent is relatively simple: when a user is out on the town and a particular location or event strikes you as great, Foursquare allows you to leave comments and recommendations for other users. It’s a great way for businesses to grow reputations and followings.

Of course now, with Foursquare for Business, there are even more ways for your small business to benefit from the app.

Designed specifically for business owners, Foursquare business owners are able to keep tabs on activity related to their business. They can check out their top customers, all of their check-in activity, and even keep an eye on a wide range of analytics data. Best of all, they can do all of this from their mobile devices in just a matter of seconds.

Another great feature of this revamped version of Foursquare allows business owners to create offers which they can activate and deactivate whenever they want. This was typically a longer process that could only be done from a computer and with much planning. Now, it’s just a quick series of button presses from their smartphones. This lets them interact with their customers much faster, meeting their needs in a real-time environment.

No longer just a fun and useful user experience, Foursquare’s introduction of Foursquare Business shows that business owners and their target audience can both benefit from social media tools, providing a better user experience as well specials and offers for the user, while helping to stimulate the growth of small businesses.

Has your small business looked into Foursquare Business yet? What are your initial thoughts?