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Timeline Isn’t The End – 4 Ways To Make It Work For You

Many businesses complained when they were forced to switch to the new Timeline page format. While individual users had plenty of time to adjust, businesses only had a few short months. However, Facebook Timeline isn’t the end of your business page. Instead, learn how you can make it work for you.

Stunning Design

The first thing fans will notice about your newly designed page is the cover photo. Use this to your best advantage. Show off your latest products, employees, community events or anything else related to your business. Many are using custom designed photos which are a collage of the best photos to represent the business.

Pin Important Posts

In the past, your important posts quickly dropped to the bottom of your page as you added new updates. While you can only pin one post at a time, Facebook Timeline lets you pin a post to the top of your page, just below your cover photo and apps. It will stay on top for as long as you want. This works perfectly to remind fans of important events, contests and product releases.

Since tabs no longer exist, many businesses are using a pinned post as their welcome to new fans. It advertises the latest promotions so fans can find them quickly.


Before, your page was limited from the time you joined. Now, you can go back to the beginning of your business. List all your important milestones to help fans get to know you better. As an added benefit, fans can tag older photos (from before you created a Facebook page) which will appear on your page. This means more advertising from your fans and better interactions.

About Tagline

While the About tab was often missed by fans, it is now directly below your cover photo. While you are limited to 100 characters, it is the perfect place for a killer tagline describing your business. Once users click the link below it, they will see an extended version where you can add as much information as necessary to truly show fans who you are.

Facebook Timeline is different, but it offers more than enough benefits to make up for the sudden change.