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The Top 4 Ways To Launch A Product On Facebook NOW!

Now that your business is on Facebook, it is time to do more than just gain website traffic and fans. The next time you launch a new product or service, be sure to utilize these four tips for ensuring launch success on Facebook. The potential audience is massive, the cost is low and the feedback you receive is invaluable.

Build Anticipation With Giveaways

For the week building up to your product launch, host a contest or giveaway for fans to participate in. There are two ways to do this. First, post a status update with the contest information. State that you will choose a random name from everyone who comments or likes the post. This can also be done through a link to an entry form through a Facebook app, which automates the process.

The second method is to give away the upcoming product or something related to it each day. Offer a limited number of freebies. Those who sign up after the limit is met may receive a coupon or something of slightly less value.

Giveaways get people talking. You also gain more fans, which gives your product a bigger audience at launch.

Create Targeted Ads

Facebook users are not bombarded with ads. This means the few that are displayed are usually seen and even read. If the ad is appealing, users will click on it. Create a visually appealing ad. Use keywords, such as interests and locations, so the ad appears for the right people. Targeted ads get read far more than general ads. Use a witty line to get people interested in your product. A different ad each day for a few weeks also helps your product get noticed by more people.

Offer Freebies For Feedback

The best way for a company to know whether a product will be well received on not is through feedback. Ask fans to sign up to test or try your product in return for valuable feedback. Fans feel as if they truly matter, the company receives feedback on how to improve the product (if at all) and word spreads about the upcoming product release.

Get Your Product Noticed

Once you have thousands of fans, you can stick to the basics. Every day, provide more details about the upcoming product along with pictures. Pictures get people to actually read more. You can also offer links to more information on why fans would want or need your product.

Sharing details about your products on sites like digg, reddit, etc are also great ways to get your target audience to learn about and talk about your new product(s).

Is Social Media Important? How about BUZZ?

Are your social media marketing campaigns bringing in sales? If you answered “yes,” you’re part of a very small group found a recent study.

Although many marketers see the value and potential of social media marketing, most have yet to translate that into sales, found a new report by R2integrated.

According to the study, 65% of respondents said that their companies have not increased revenue or profited using social media. When asked about their biggest impediment, 36% of the respondents cited “not enough data or analytics to develop ROI” as their #1 challenge.

So if social media is not creating the ROI for your business you require – should you scrap it?

That is the question on the minds of many companies who setup a Facebook and Twitter account, and then think – “Ok, I setup my social media campaign, now what?”

Well the answer is that social media will bring in the ROI you require but it takes time. It is true that social media marketing is seen as a cost-effective way to market yourself – however unlike other mediums, it is the most human labor intensive type of marketing.

In order for you to become successful in your social media campaigns, you need to have a game plan. Here at readyBUZZ, we believe taking the following approach to social media will allow you to open up a new world of marketing for your business:

1. Build a professional marketable site (with opt-in forms, valuable customer information, a blog, and multiple points of contact)
2. Build a professional Facebook and Twitter page for your business and do NOT co-mingle it with your personal accounts.
3. After building these components, it is time to market your business. A solid social media campaign incorporates daily blog posts, daily informative/interesting posts on social media sites, monthly/quarterly press releases, and of course extensive networking / online relationship building.

And remember, make sure to add an analytic software to your site to see where your traffic is coming from, where it is going on your website and if you are converting.

Social Media marketing still proves to be an a fundamental player in your ultimate marketing plan – so make sure to give it the time and professionalism it deserves!