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The 3 Times You Should Delete Negative Facebook Comments

Most experts will tell you to never delete negative feedback on your Facebook fan page. In most cases, this is true. In fact, fans expect to see the occasional negative comment. After all, you can’t please everyone. While you shouldn’t delete every negative comment, there are three occasions when it is perfectly appropriate to delete certain comments.

Offensive Language

As a general rule, businesses should never use offensive language in their posts. Businesses shouldn’t have to put up with fans using foul language on their page either. If you feel a negative (or even positive) comment is inappropriate for your audience, remove it.

Follow up by posting rules on your page. Some businesses place posting rules in the About section of their page, in a note or on their website. Regardless of where they are posted, remind fans that offensive language and adult content is not allowed.

Hostile Fans

Though rare, you may encounter a fan that cannot be satisfied. After exhausting all other methods of dealing with the complaint or issue, the fan continues to post negative comments on your wall. Leave the initial comment and remove the remaining ones. Should the fan continue to harass you (and annoy other fans), you do have the right to ban the fan altogether. Use your best judgment and only ban when absolutely necessary.


You may check your wall for the latest fans’ comments and notice a fan promoting their own business. Your wall is not the place for fans to promote their websites, blogs or businesses. Unless they ask in advance for permission, these comments should be removed. Fans see these as spam. If you don’t remove them, fans believe you are not effectively managing your page and lose trust in you.

In most cases, removing comments is forbidden. Always try to handle negative comments in a positive manner. The three situations above happen rarely, but when they do, remove the negative posts for a clean, fan friendly page.