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Is Facebook Actually Working – The Benefits of Insights

You’ve created a Facebook business page and worked tirelessly to interact with your fans. How do you know exactly how much interaction there actually is? Luckily, Facebook has the perfect built in tool to track the number of comments, likes and which types of posts perform the best. Insights is free to use and one of your best friends for social media reporting.

Create Valuable Reports

You are not restricted to viewing your data on Facebook. To create reports to study yourself or show to other members of your social media team, Insights allows you to export data to Excel or any other spreadsheet software. Choose whether you want to view page or post level data, select your date range and choose your file format. Please note you can only view 500 posts within a single report.

What You Can Learn

If you’re making the most of Facebook, you’re posting a combination of text, images and videos. Which of the three perform best? Since every business is different, what works best for one may not work as well for another. By using insights, you are able to see which post type receives the most interactions. More interactions means these are the posts your audience likes best. You still need variety, but put more emphasis on the post types your fans love.

Now that you know what post format works best, you need to view Insights to determine which types of updates are working best for your business. For instance, do product updates perform better than business news? Maybe your fans love interactive Q&A days best. If you want to make the most of your Facebook page, carefully review your Insights to determine the exact types of posts which fans like best.

Take full advantage of Insights. This simple to use tool provides a wealth of knowledge for any business. Download Insights at least once per month or weekly for extremely active pages. Not only can you track success, but you can vastly improve how you interact with your audience.