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Become A Fan To Get Fans On Facebook

You already know the first key to success on Facebook is gaining fans. The path to growing your fans varies. However, one often overlooked method is becoming a fan yourself. Remember, Facebook isn’t just for promoting your business. It is also for networking with other businesses. Many small businesses are discovering how profitable networking can be.

Gain New Exposure

Businesses are able to see every new fan they receive. This includes other business pages. Search for complimentary businesses and you may just receive a fan in return. When they become your fan, all of their fans see an update on the page with a link to your page. Suddenly, your page is advertised to an entirely new audience. You may also find yourself gaining a new partner on Facebook who offers to promote you if you’ll promote them.

Provide Value To Fans

Facebook should never be straight promotion. You should always provide informative resources as well. Becoming a fan of other pages helps you provide additional value to your fans. If you run a wedding planning business, fans will find the business page of a local photographer extremely useful. While you should never become a fan of the competition, try to become a fan of businesses your fans will find useful.

Shared Campaigns 

When you find a page you want to become a fan of, study the business. See exactly what they offer and how it fully compliments your own business. The next step is to contact the business about a shared marketing campaign. The campaign should be beneficial to both parties. Using the example above, the wedding planner may offer a discount on planning for anyone using the photographer and vice versa. Both businesses can new customers and fans.

Share Ideas

When you’re not a competitor, other businesses usually don’t mind sharing ideas with you. Become not only a fan, but a friend. Keep up regular contact and share marketing and networking ideas. Together, you can create better Facebook marketing strategies than you would have alone. This is especially useful for small businesses without their own in house marketing team. By simply working together, both businesses benefit.