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Why Your Next Post Won’t Survive Without An Image

Many companies spend hours trying to think of the perfect text for their next social media posts. While the text is important, you need something to make your post stand out from everyone else’s. The solution – images. Before you post one more status update, think about adding an image to encourage followers to stop, read and interact.

When To Use Images

You have two options on when to use images. First, you can use them occasionally to make your most important updates stand out even more. Your second option is to use a relevant image for every post. The catch is making sure the image does work with whatever you post. A random image will make you seem spammy instead of useful.

Are They Really That Important

If nothing else, Pinterest has taught us that people love images. After all, they are perfectly content to browse and share images only. A picture is worth a thousand words. Add this to your text and suddenly, you are a business with more to say in an easily digestible format. Not only do images stand out for your followers, they also stand out more when your posts are shared.

How Much Is Too Much

Every single update shouldn’t have an image unless you are posting a link every time. Standard updates can survive without an image. However, the majority of your updates should have some form of image. Remember, you can share videos as well.

For networks such as Twitter, images aren’t quite as important. After all, all your followers will see in your tweet is a link to the image. You can still use images to encourage followers to click the link. Infographics, images of products, humorous images and other highly shareable images are all great options for Twitter. Just ensure you use a strong call to action to encourage clicks.

Every type of text based marketing always seems to work better with an image. Even the articles on your website or blog posts gain more attention with at least one relevant image. As a word of caution, only use images that you have permission to use.