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Add Some Spice To Social Media… With Facebook Apps

A standard Facebook page is often seen as boring. Facebook fans want something that provides a little more interaction and information. Basically, you want to take your page to the next level to provide fans with even more reason to keep coming back. The easiest way to do this is by using the apps Facebook makes available to all page owners, including businesses.

Why Apps

Think of Facebook apps like the applications you place on your phone, just dedicated to your page. They allow users to interact through both with your brand or business and each other. You don’t have to develop your own apps. Facebook makes a large number available completely free. Obviously, you can create your own, but the most popular functions are freely available.

What Can Apps Do

Apps can do pretty much anything you could possibly want. If you have a product release coming up, why not build excitement with an app that counts down the days. This increases excitement and gets people talking.

Add plenty of images by using apps showcase your photo stream. This is perfect if you want to show different angles of products or samples of the services you provide. Why use the standard photo section when apps make photos more accessible?

Use two social networks at once by adding Twitter to your Facebook page. All tweets are displayed in a separate section. This lets fans know even more about what’s going on in your company.

Get interactive with fans with apps that allow you to create quizzes, ask questions, get product feedback and perform promotions. Fans react well to apps that truly get them involved. Not only do apps appeal to fans, they work well with social marketing campaigns to see if fans like a particular product. It also ensures fans keep visiting your page, not just “liking” you once and leaving.