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5 Ways To Create Better Social Media Profiles

Every single social media site allows you to create a profile. Sadly, some businesses ignore this section, filling out only the required sections. However, your profile is one of the most important parts of your social media page. Whether you use social networking or social bookmarking sites, leverage the full power of your profile.

Professional Picture

Don’t post just any picture for your profile. Definitely don’t use a blank or icon type image. Use the picture section to post a picture which represents your business. Consider using your company logo, employees at work, happy customers, community events or a combination. Some businesses have custom images created to catch the attention of potential followers.

Catchy Taglines

Many social media sites have a tagline or quote section. Place your company’s tagline, motto or philosophy here. A catchy phrase here grabs a user’s attention. Just like a song, it sticks in your head. A great tagline also perfectly describes your business.


The length of this section varies based on the social media site you use. For instance, Facebook actually has two About sections. The first is essentially a 100 character tagline, while the second is far longer. Regardless of the length, use this section wisely. Keep details concise, professional and most important, descriptive. This is the section to tell users who you are, what you have to offer and why their lives would be better by following you.

Contact Details

Don’t alienate yourself. When asked to place contact details, do so. List email addresses, phone numbers and websites. Don’t forget to list any other social media profiles. The more details you can provide, the better. You want your followers to be able to contact you.

Call To Action

While there isn’t a section for this, you need a call to action somewhere on your profile if possible. Extremely short profiles, such as those on Twitter, may not offer enough room. Longer profiles should always have a CTA. For instance, the About section could contain a sentence stating “For the latest updates, become a follower today.” You could also prompt users to contact you by saying “We’re happy to answer any questions you may have, contact us today.”

Create a killer profile before you do anything else. Without this, even the best page may not gain the followers it deserves.