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Get People Talking – 5 Tips For Facebook Interactions

The key to succeeding with Facebook is to get people talking and interacting with you. With readyBUZZ, you are well on your way to success. However, you still need to keep your page active in order to generate the necessary buzz for social media success.

Post During Odd Hours

Usually, business posts are made between 9 AM and 5 PM during weekdays. Weekends are typically quiet. However, most Facebook users are on the site after these times. Keep in mind the average user works during your business hours. Waiting until 3 PM to post on weekdays helps keep your posts visible for users. Posting on weekends is a great way to interact with users. Schedule your posts around when your target audience is most likely to be at home for best results.

Ask For Likes And Comments

Don’t just assume fans will “like” or comment on a post. Instead, encourage them to interact by asking them to “like” a post or add their feedback. When prompted, users are twice as likely to interact, equaling a higher interaction rate overall.

Add Meat To Posts

Many businesses try to stay within Twitter’s 140 character limit so posts work on both Twitter and Facebook. Whenever possible, make your posts slightly longer. Several sentences better describes your message and increases interaction. Every post doesn’t have to be long, but at least one a day should have a little more meat to it.

Add Photos

When scanning through their news feed, a user notices an image before a status update. Grab a user’s attention and increase interaction by posting pictures regularly. Include a call to action as mentioned above and you’ll further increase interaction.

Give Your Posts Time

Don’t try to flood a fan’s news feed with posts just to get their attention. On average, most users only expect to see a few posts a day. Depending on the type of business or site you have, users may expect far more. Consider your target audience and what they might expect. Too many posts means users don’t have time to read them. Give fans a chance to see your posts. Most posts have at least several hours of visibility, meaning fewer posts equal more interactions.