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4 Tips For Making Your Social Debut

Just a few years ago, it was fairly easy to make your social media debut. You simply created an account with Facebook and starting connecting with your customers. Now, you have quite a few more options available. Believe it or not, Facebook may not be the best site to dive into the social media ocean. This is especially true for those completely new to social media marketing or small businesses uncertain of even creating an online presence. Before you debut, you must prepare in order to be successful.

Research Your Options

If you’re just starting out with social media or have little resources available to devote, start out with a single site. This means taking the time to carefully research which sites offer the best features to meet your needs. While Facebook may seem the obvious choice, many choose to begin with Twitter since it is easier to set up and learn. You should also remember, you do have choices outside of Facebook, Twitter and Google+. New sites are cropping up on a daily basis, such as Pinterest. There are also niche sites which may help you better reach out to your target audience.

Prep Before You Market

Before you starting advertising your new social media presence to your customers, ensure you are completely ready to go public. Fill out your profile in its entirety, select a professional picture and/or background and add links (if applicable) to your website. You want to look like a social media pro, not a beginner.

Create A Schedule

Don’t create an account and expect it to run itself. Decide upfront how much time you want to devote to social media marketing and create a strict schedule. This includes advertising your presence, creating promotions and making posts. When first starting out, try to be active at least once per day and build from there.

Visit The Competition

Unless your business is completely unique, you likely have at least one competing business already on the network you choose to use. Check out their account. Notice what types of posts and promotions get the most user engagement. This is your target audience too. For those just learning the ropes, you’ll save time and make a stronger debut by doing what works instead of using a lot of trial and error.