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4 Great Ways To Deal With Negative Feedback

Once you start posting on your social media page, you want feedback from your fans and followers. This lets you know exactly what your customers expect. However, when you open yourself up to positive feedback, you also open up the doors to negative feedback. No matter how great your business is, you can’t hope to please everyone. How you deal with negative feedback says a lot about your business and can lead to many more followers.

Know When To Respond

Every negative comment doesn’t mean an instant response is required. See what the comment actually refers to first. If the person is simply arguing with another fan or follower, let it be unless it becomes inappropriate. You then have the power to delete it and post an update stating why it was deleted to prevent future indiscretions.

If the comment is actually directed to the company or a specific product or service, it is your responsibility to address it. Even if it is a simple apology, you need to let your customers know you are there for them. If a product isn’t working, provide details on how to return it, get it repaired or steps for them to fix it at home. Keep your response positive, but don’t ignore the comment.

Offer Discounts

Perhaps a customer had a bad experience with your company. Offer them a discount or free offer to entice them to do business with you again. By reaching out, you prove that you want their business and value them as a customer.

Provide Contact Information

Provide contact information when there is a negative comment so they can address the correct department and get the right response. This lets customers know you want to help them and get to the bottom of the problem.

Be Proactive

If one customer has a negative comment about a product or service, do your research to find out if there is a real problem that may affect others. If so, be proactive and provide the solution in your next update. Give credit to the first person or people who posted about the issue.