5 Ways Your Small Business Can Use Vine

vine-logoBy now, anyone who knows even the basics about social media has heard about the recent release of a Video service. Called Vine, the app allows users to make 6 second videos that can then be sent through Twitter or Facebook. While a six second video doesn’t really seem like anything substantial, there are already social media gurus finding ways to be inventive with the Vine service.

Because of the short length of time allowed, there is no time to make effective commercials or ads. Instead, it seems that Vine is to be sued for sharing milestones or moments. At first glance, it appears to be the video equivalent of Instagram.

In small business, it is vital that you stay up to date on the latest social media trends. Therefore, when a service like Vine comes along, you need to learn about it begin utilizing it as soon as you can. If you’re still a little confused as to how to use a six second video to your advantage when it comes to marketing, consider these ideas.

A Teaser for a Longer Video: Vine provides a great way for you to release a mini-trailer of sorts for a longer video you’ve been using.

A Thank You to Your Customers: If you are linked with customers on Twitter or Facebook, you could send them a Thank You message in video form to let them know you appreciate their business.

A Way to introduce New Products: Vine lets you create a teaser of sorts for a new product. A quick flash of the product to give only the basics is a great way to generate interest in a new product.

A New Way to Promote Websites or Blogs: Add your site URL, Twitter handle or any other contact information. This almost allows you to use Vine as a business card or splash page of sorts via video.

Special Occasions: Send employees or customers birthday greetings or congratulations on a recent milestone in their business or personal life.

These are just a few ways to take advantage of this great social media tool. Share any further ideas you might have in the comments!

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